Digital platform for the commercial dive industry

Dive Companies

Find the best freelance diver for the job with our unique Diver Search.

Let your divers log online, build their portfolios and manage their documents and certificates.

Manage your equipment with our Preventative Maintenance System (PMS).

Freelance Divers

Log your dives online.

Automatically build a portfolio based on your dives.

Store your documents and certificates securely and get notified before they expire.


Verify the qualification of divers.

Use the Live Dive Registration (LDR) to track events and gain insights.

Live Dive Registration

Track the work of your divers in real time.

Use the DiverData LDR feature to track important events as the diver is in the water.

Gain insights in the hours lost to weather, vessel, material and other events.

Diver Search

Find the best freelance diver for the job.

Our unique Diver Search feature gives you the power to find that one diver with the right skill, qualification, experience and geographic distance.

Document Management

No need to worry about expired documents.

We will let you know in advance when a document or certificate expires.

We make it easy to access all your dive related documents and certificates.

Digital Logbook

Secure and easy to use logbook.

Log your dive and your supervisor will be notified.

When your supervisor approves your dive, it is added to your portfolio.

The logbook of the supervisor will also be updated automatically.

Preventative Maintenance System

Get notified when your equipment needs maintenance.

With DiverData PMS you have insight in the status and history of all your equipment.

Know in advance when equipment needs to be re-certified, replaced or maintained.